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memories and rants
Wednesday, July 22, 2009; 11:35 AM

i'm back.
sorry for not able to find time to blog...
gp ended up in hospital for op.
den gm went in cos of food poisoning..

anyway both are safe now.
jus hav to b busy with my gm..
her discharging and stuff... =)

and been busy with restaurant city too...
im the chef.. haven really gt the juice of it..
but kept me busy..
back to psp oso.. bomber man..
Love it man~
training my skill. ^^
back to wrk LOL.

Thursday, July 16, 2009; 11:19 PM

my bday really over..
this year is a really low profile one..
not much pressie rcv..
think all tot gt bf big deal.
even if frens hav forgotten abt me.
i gladly take it.

thank all for wishes..
noe all v busy...
even those belated ones..
im glad u bother to sms.

thank you bf for ice cream cake.
really nice...
my first tym tryin it..

thank you sis for cake ^^

thanks long for the dinner..
appreciated it.
thanks lao de, wee, qian for the dinner
and fabian for servin ><

ya tt's all...
we gg to hav sth in sept...
weeeee~ haha...

ah ah chooo~

Tuesday, July 14, 2009; 12:50 PM

im in office bloggin..
boss not back yet..
i wanna die of bloating alrdy..

i jus realise... its only wed!

went back to my usual routine reading others blog..
saw fab's blog...
hmm.. i most probably will sit and drink..
but.. i shd be ok to go..
jus say i go chalet.. ^^

bf.. there.. haha..
jus reassure him..
den see hw..
he wan he can come and fetch me..
otherwise... im gg^^

ok.. boss back... gtg.. ^^

Sunday, July 12, 2009; 12:55 AM

as promised...
i'm updating my blog today again ^^
well well...
went to pre celebrate my bday today..
yea... with my dear dear..
we've tracked frm clarke quay to douby ghaut.
er... along the way... went to the wrong place..
instead of reachin plaza sing..
we almost reach bugis instead..
hmm..lost... but...
its fun!
*i wonder how wld b future be aft we gt a car..*
wld it be as fun?

we walked past museum after museum...
temptation to go in..
we gt a movie to catch..
wee... nice one..
i think im one of those who lauf the loudest.

here is the pic by s'pore river ^^

after movie.. we walked in circles
den decide to head back to JP..
when we reach JP..
first thing tt comes to my mind..
swens ^^

look at this!
strawberry sorbet...
(my fav drink alrdy!)

look at the way how i drink. damn.

i'll share this...
marty(aka zebra) eating cherries~

when u go swens..

u jus cant miss this!

yea. im enjoying every piece of it !

newly founded nice things in the menu..
mushroom soup!


hot fave!
bake rice~

i'm not feedin the zebra..
fulfiling myself first...
Muahahaha! ><


you know...
in conclusion for today...
despite the long walk i took...
i put back all the calories burnt in the day
and increase the layer of fats i have.

damn saddening..

tt's all..

thank you piggy!

Friday, July 10, 2009; 10:03 PM

hi all Babes and Hunkies out there ^^

yeap! im back to blogging...
finally change my blogskin too..

anyway let me touch on the latest stuff..

Kai's bday..
Happy Belated..
Missed it i guess..
but i nv forget wad im suppose to get you..
my blessing. ^^
hope tt guy will be with you for i doubt i can do it anymore
[ps. i cant barely handle myself =)]

moving on...
Yvonne lao ma's bday..
being a v bad fren...
i didnt attend..
i apologise deeply..
i still haven pass her a present too...

last but least..
everyone's dear terribly emo-tic fren..
Mr Huang...
LOL... i hope u enjoy ur 21st...
in the sauna hse.
its been really been a long time since i sweat tt much. =P
but its really a great one..
especially the smashin cake part.
i SWEAR i didnt touch ur head..
but i did give them the Q to do it .
oppx =X
well.. its all part of the fun..
thanks for giving me an opportunity to meet all the frens i haven been seeing.
i'll soon be forgotten i believe...

moving on.. work has been fine..
my table always look like the aftermath of tsunami or iraq war.
no way to help it..
gt to despatch all the certificates ^^

thinkin back..
i think i really misses all my frens...
so hope someone can sit beside me and lend me a shoulder.
oh well..

kz.. think tis is enuf for my first post?
will be back soon i believe.

Sunday, June 14, 2009; 2:39 AM

as promised to ms lay huan..
i'm here to update my blog..
but its not gg to be too happy post...
so ppl.. kindly bear with me.

my stupid dumb dumb went oversea and left me in singapore.
even my mum left me here to feud for myself.
my bestie at wrk oso brought her family oversea.
so therefore im consider alone.

deep down in my heart i've been prayin 2 wks wld come soon
and my bf might have a chance that he'll be back earlier.
but.. chances is close to 0%. can i do other than to live with it?

let see... the schedule i hav now is..
mon- meeting cussie,
fri- meetin f4 to slp over,
sat- out to go shopping (tentatively)
next mon- wed: celeb poly fren bday.

hopfully 25 be here asap..
i donno how long can i take it..
its makin me so restless...

thanks di and lao da for concern.
to lao da...
panda eyes...
i'll work on it..
sth to keep me busy with when i can control my tears.

i also need to thank the group of good frens who are so 'on'.
hope u enjoyed fri's dinner..
and supper khakis..
its nice to b out with u guys with being pressurised by mum.

night peeps.

Thursday, May 28, 2009; 8:45 PM

hi everyone.
im blogging on a weekday.
today is a grad day.
i feel nth.
a little pain.
cos the high heels.

reason for bloggin is cos im not feeling good,
feeling quite upset.
cos my rls thingy.
i felt threaten actually..
by a girl.
first tym in my life i eva felt tt way.
and congrats to me.

jus grumbling..
im fine.

the girl
Behind The Scenes

15 JUL .
crazy at times.
enjoy having fun and freedom.
aging every minute.
lorves choc ice cream, fries, sea n vampires.
and lorve my boy (piggy) very much!

can i have these?!
needs and wants

♥ him ^^
♥ clothes!
♥ heels
♥ bicycles
♥ bicycles
♥ more time.

the boxie
the thoughts...
feel free! =D